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1.878 Ft (1.479 Ft + ÁFA)

COLORWAY Tisztítószer CW-1071, törlőkendő, 100db (wipes for Laptops & Monitors 100 pcs)

1.878 Ft (1.479 Ft + ÁFA)
Várható szállítás: 2022. július 07.
Cikkszám: 160133
Elérhetőség: Elérhető (Raktáron)


ColorWay wipes for Laptops & Monitors 100 pcs. (CW-1071)
Our wet wipes are perfect for cleaning dust, dirt, and fingerprints without leaving streaks, spots, or smudges. These wipes are universal and can be used to clean any plastic surface, including monitors or televisions, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and / or tablets. Compatible with all major manufacturers and brands. Dimensions: 14 cm x 17 cm.

Wipes for cleaning various different screens, including LCD / TFT monitors, laptops, televisions, mobile phones, cameras and other glass surfaces. To use, open the tube and the sealed bag that holds the wipes. Pull the end of the wipes, located in the middle, through the hole in the center of the lid. Next, replace the lid and pull the cloth to tear it along the perforations. Tightly close the cover after use.

Wet Wipes (14 x 17 cm) - 100 pc